Our firstborn, only daughter just left for college a few states away. Yes, tears were shed by all of us!

People who have not yet hit this stage of parenting have recently been asking me, “Hey, can you coach me through that when I get there?!”

Best piece of wisdom to pass on to you now in prep for the day your kids leave – be proactively intentional in how you connect w/ each child. Craft a clear and vivid vision of what you want your relationship w each kid to feel, look, and BE like when each is in that senior year.

When you live that way, it makes the months around that 18th birthday sweet and filled w/ a gift you (at least I!) didn’t expect… Suddenly you realize that the vision you crafted way back when, the same one that you revisited each year, and the strategic planning as a parent that you did and implemented across the many seasons of life w/ that kid – you see that vision becoming a reality. There aren’t regrets of “Oh I wish I had (done whatever)” … But rather there are sweet memories of special times you invested into knowing and nurturing and speaking life into your kid.

You are at a great place w/ your kids – whatever ages they are. It’s never too late to live intentionally inside of these relationships. Planning in this way gives you an eternal perspective that most folks don’t have. You begin to know how to impart yourself into your kids and leave a lasting, godly imprint upon their hearts.

Live today like your kid is leaving tomorrow. How will you invest into who your child is becoming as a person? This adds a layer of fun to the parenting journey!